Peter Angelos
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Peter is a singer/songwriter musician and producer living and performing in the Boston, MA . He has been in numerous rock bands and various acoustic acts, but often ends up returning to his own solo projects, and has been active in the Boston, MA music scene since the 1980's. Peter is also the Director of Marketing for Transcend Entertainment and Music (TEAM), a music licensing company. TEAM's current and past clients include Disney, 20th Century Studios, HBO, NBC, PBS, Hulu, Netflix, MegaTrax, EMI Production Music London, and a CBS Super Bowl commercial to name a few. Peter's has been focusing his individual work on writing material for the film and television industry. He has recently signed deals with a number of music licensing agencies. He continues to write songs in a number of diverse musical styles with the goal always being maximum emotional impact, whether a solo instrumental piece or a complete song.

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