peter angelos
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3 bucks and a dream
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Lyric Credits: peter angelos
Music Credits: peter angelos
Producer Credits: peter angelos
Publisher Credits: Left Write Music
Performance Credits: peter angelos
Short Song Description:
A tribute to my father, who came to this country with only 3 bucks in his pocket.
Song Length 3:33
Primary Genre Folk-General
Secondary Genre -
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Just a poor boy
On a distant shore boy
Wandering through a mountain stream
Empty pockets, failing seams
But they can still hold 3 bucks and a dream

No time for school
Just work when you can
It?ll get you to the promised land
I hope it takes you by the hand
Can you get that much for 3 bucks and a dream

So take that ride, boy
Across the dusty countryside boy
And come inside, yeah
Sister right beside yeah
Will it be everything it seems?
3 bucks and a dream

Now you?re leaving across that great sea
For a chance a life a family
You?re land is in your heart ?til the end
?cause you?ll always have that with you, my friend

I hope you take it by the hand
It?s the hand that still holds
3 bucks and a dream