peter angelos
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Man I'm Alive
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Lyric Credits: Peter Angelos
Music Credits: Peter Angelos
Producer Credits: Peter Angelos
Publisher Credits: LeftWrite Music
Performance Credits: Peter Angelos
Song Length 3:45
Primary Genre Rock-General
Secondary Genre Blues-Rock
Tempo / Feel Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood 1 Troubled
Similar Artist 2 Black Keys, The
Language English
Era 2000 and later
Falling sky raging sea
Rising up now to swallow me

Baby here in the middle I'm getting A little bit of both sides
Yeah little by little i'm drowning in the middle of those tides

Baby I'm here
Way down low
Just trying to survive

Man I'm here
I won't disappear
Man I'm alive

Feeling so tired
But told myself
Got to stay hungry
Up here on the shelf

Right here in the middle
I'm right down the center of your bull's-eye
Yeah a little by little
I'm walking down the middle of a Thin line

Yeah baby I'm here
I can see a little light

Baby please
I'm on my knees
Man I'm alive

Turn out the light
Lock the door
It's getting rough
Can't stand no more

I heard you call
Or was it the rain
No, I heard you call
Heard my name

Baby could you tell meĀ 
when you arrive
Just want to know please
Man I'm alive