peter angelos
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It's Good
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Lyric Credits: Peter Angelos
Music Credits: Peter Angelos
Producer Credits: Peter Angelos
Publisher Credits: LeftWrite Music
Performance Credits: Peter Angelos
Story Behind the Song:
A celebration of a variety of things in life.
Song Length 3:14
Primary Genre Rock-Modern
Secondary Genre Rock-Progressive Rock
Tempo / Feel Slow (71 - 90)
Subject Matter 1 Joy
Subject Matter 2 Fun
Mood 1 Joyful
Mood 2 Exultant
Similar Artist 1 Lenny Kravitz
Similar Artist 2 Led Zeppelin
Era 2000 and later
Anywhere you go
I still feel you near
Whatever I do
To get you here
It's good
It's good
Good Good Good
Any candle in the dark
The feel of your skin
Any tears you can turn
To a smile again
It' Good
It's Good
Good Good Good
If you can call it home
Or if it leads you there
Any road that turns
What ever way
Take it if you dare
Any climb to Grace
Any ties that bind
Any lover's embrace
Just hang on
You just might find
A place
A place that's good
It's Good
It's Good
Yeah Good
Ooh Yeah Good
Good Good Good
If you're so so far
I'm so so there
I really think I should
'Cause it's