peter angelos
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Can't Help Myself
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Lyric Credits: peter angelos
Music Credits: peter angelos
Producer Credits: peter angelos
Publisher Credits: LeftWrite Music
Performance Credits: peter angelos
Short Song Description:
A song about being true to yourself.
Song Length 4:09
Primary Genre Rock-Modern
Secondary Genre -
Tempo / Feel Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Conformity
Subject Matter 2 Laugh, Smile
Mood 1 Exultant
Similar Artist 1 Incubus
Similar Artist 2 U2
Language English
Era 2000 and later
Shouldn't want to be
what they say I never could
Shouldn't want to be so dark and misunderstood
Or always want to be somewhere else
Like some exotic city
Or to turn things upside down
When they're sitting so pretty

But I, I,I ,I can't help myself (3)

Should've learned to leave
well enough alone
Shouldn't want to be so far in the zone
Or to let you rent my heart
So you can tear it to pieces
Then you just walk away
And I don't know where the lease is

But I, I, I, I, I can't help myself (4)

Shouldn't be wasting time
Or always be crossing a line
Should've learned all those lessons
Shouldn't ask so many questions
Or should I?

And I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I
Shouldn't repeat myself

Shouldn't always want more than enough
Got no room for all th
at stuff
Shouldn't always fall for those angel eyes
Or maybe I should
It wouldn't be a surprise

But I, I, I, I, I can't help myself (4)

Walking a line
And wasting time
Can't help myself